Company Profile

Ken Deng

Mold designer

Man Lui

Project manager


Peter tsang

office in charge

Mark Chen

CHIEF designer

M-TECH Engineering company team is composed of professional engineers who have been engage!d in the design and manufacturing of fully automated optical disc production equipment and CD molds for more than 20 years.


In 2015, M-TECH has cooperated with Italy MCS company  ( which was founded by Dr Franco Sironi, The head of EMI audio and video department, to develope the world's first fully automaticnon-steam vinyl disc production line -- Allegro I and lacquer disc cutting lathe – Vivace I.


Allegro I production line has been successfully launched and delivered to foreign customers.

Vivace I was installed in Italy and under testing.


In 2017, M-Tech started the research of Glass CD and success to make prototype in early of 2020.

Glass CD provides ultimate song signal and almost zero loss of distortion. Perfect electronic and optic physical properties.


Welcome to send us email for further information. We wish you a good day